Litter 2018

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On this webpage you will find information about our planned puppy litter of 2018. If all goes well, the puppies will be born in the middle of  april. We are in favour of good combinations, good character traits, a good health and of course beauty. To protect this race, which is becoming more and more popular, we breed according to the rules of the RRCN. We have put together this combination.

It is important to us that we can present ourselves to you with a name of our kennel, which is 'het Gelderse Land' (the dogs will be raised on the countryside of the province of Gelderland).

With pride we present to you the parents of our planned litter.

Themba is our lovely and beautiful truebred Ridgeback, with a fine pedigree. Mother is NGWENYA EL-FAIYUM  (wheat-coloured) and her father is champion YAW ADYUBA ROYAL HI NEZ  (also wheat -coloured). Themba grew up together with our four children. She has received many beautiful evaluations (some of them 'excellent') on several inspections,

Themba – Nyanga Fall by Twiga Jelani Ngwenya
Born: 02-06-2015
HD and ED free, OCD free, DM AND EOAD free, JME /N 

After a long search, we found the stud dog which we wanted to have for Themba. Again with pride we present Glen Rhodes Bang Bang Boogie the Beat (Boogie). The pedigree of this stud dog is impressive. He is from a very healthy lineage of dogs with a stable character. The dogs intensify one another when it concerns the outward characteristics.

On the subject of breeding ideas we and the owner of Boogie agree. We would like to maintain and improve the quality of this race.

With this combination we expect the pups to be healthy, well built and easy to handle. Boogie as well as Themba are very social and active which will result in open and friendly pups.

For information please call us 06-5188 0804 or send an email to